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Q3F-Teamstats makes stats from Quake3Fortress-logfiles. Created by frangen from clan Shamateur (quakenet #shamateur).
Current version: v1.11-final
I have quitted q3f and this is the final version released by me.

Examples stats:
Evn-PlanB Forts :: Shamateur-FZ LastResort


Download newest version here: Win32-version
Extract the .zip file to some directory (eg. c:\teamstats). Be sure to save folder info when you extract it. Then you can run the program by going to dos-box and changing to c:\gamestats\bin directory. When you have done that, you can run the program. Example:
teamstat c:\games\quake3\q3f\qconsole.log c:\temp\stat.html

Sourcecode written in Python


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